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Neil Bartos



Neil's cool, darkly clad professional persona belies a musical imagination capable of teasing, prodding, and bending a flurry of notes into multidimensional sound.

Due to the last wishes of his grandfather, who wanted his young grandsons to learn music, Neil was formally introduced to the instrument that would define the essence of his character. His brother, Kenny, started on drums at the same time, which engendered Neil's inseparable bond to music.

By 1969 the brothers formed the popular rock-n-roll band Dust that toured Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. Dust opened for the likes of MC5, Rationals, and Bob Seger when appearing at the Mentor Hullabaloo.  Dust bassist and former high school chum, Norm Isaac, left the group to join a national band, Circus.

In the mid-1970s Neil moved on to join his brother in Rock Slyde. By 1980 they re-grouped as Gambler and even released a 45RPM record in Brazil.

Neil sat in from time to time with JK and the Class playing Catawba Island and Rumrunners in the Cleveland Flats interspersed with gigs with the Band from Uncle.

By the late 1980s Kenny and his brother formed the nation's only Deep Purple tribute band called Stormbringer touring New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio into the early 1990s. Highly acclaimed, Stormbringer enjoyed such kick-ass gigs such as the Rascal House Tour, the Daytona Beach Spring Break and opening at the Cleveland Agora for Foghat. The band disbanded when Kenny was forced to quit drumming due to catastrophic illness.

In 1999, Neil joined the Kevin reed band, to round out an incredible chemistry and tightness.

Equally proficient at acoustic, electric, groovin', pickin' and slide technique, watch Neil's outbursts of cord slapping, mike stand bowing and foot string-bending antics on stage. 

Neil is also recognized as one of Northeast Ohio's most experienced luthiers, who repairs, restores and builds guitars.   Repairing all makes and models of stringed instruments since 1972, Neil is factory authorized to perform warranty repairs for Guild Guitars, Fender Musical Instruments, Taylor Guitars, PRS, Ovation, Takamine, Hamer, Ibanez, Jackson, and Charvel. 

Neil's Space Guitar Repair is Cleveland Ohio's most respected name in guitar repair.  

Neil was invited to provide his services as master guitar technician for the Damnation of Adam Blessing at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Neil's tunes, "China Baby" "Sugar Cane" and "Music You're My Mother" are featured on the Kevin Reed Band Odyssey CD, sold in the Store .

The Kevin Reed Band presents the virtuoso, Neil, and his unpredictable, entertaining performances.






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